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oh and when i was a year old, after i got my foot amputated my parents were pushing me around in a stroller at a street festival in miami and i was chewing on my foot or whatever and this street performer came up to us and was like “aw i bet that tastes good!!” and my dad was like “yeah look at what she did to the other one!!!!” and pulled back the blanket covering my left leg to show a stump with a huge scar on it and i’m pretty sure my dad terrified that poor man


women: being a woman is hard

men: I thikn youre forgetting something: it is also hard to be a man. just letting you know that you forgot to mention that when you were talking about being a woman


ok just so we’re clear

if Tauriel dies in the next Hobbit movie then I am going to breed my own Uruk-Hai army to destroy the world of men


Kinda wanna learn archery but it is a pretty useless skill to have unless you’re a hunter or something - which I am not.